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Our mission

Our vision is to save underwater life and restore the ecosystem and marine life by 2030.

As well as reduce the number of deaths and illnesses from pollution and contamination.

Expand the capacity-building support in water- and sanitation-related activities and programmes.

Reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling, reuse and raising awareness programs.


our team


Aruna Varsani

+254 722746333

Aruna is a trained Forex Dealer, who left her high profile job in the banking industry to work in helping solve the SDG’s and to be a change maker. She is a well known philanthropist with interest in education and the environment, promoting recycling and reuse of materials that cause harm to the environment. Aruna is also a crusader against poverty and has helped create train a number of women entrepreneurs.

  • Co-founder of Montessori Plus Center Nairobi.
  • Founder of the Together for Better NGO
  • Co-founder of iCreate Makerspaces
  • Co-founder Vintz Plastics Ltd


Vanita Halai

+254 717243365

Vanita is a serial entrepreneur who has worked in the finance sector as well as founding microenterprises.

  • Co-founder of Vintz Plastics Ltd which helps streamline the irresponsible dumping of waste.
  • She is currently designing a blockchain platform to map and track waste plastic together with partners from the informal sector.
  • She is also part of the team designing a plastic sand polymer using ocean plastic waste to help create sustainable housing solutions.

Mr. Mavji (1)

Mavji Varsani

+254 722713389

A creative and enterprising serial entrepreneur with an interest in sustainable living and eco-friendly and energy saving buildings, he has vast experience in various fields of construction and architecture, his business interests include Real Estate, Finance, Information Technology and has a deep passion in Education and Environmental sustainability with a major interest in the circular economy via recycling and creating new products from end of life products.


Dinesh Halai

+254 724764862

Dinesh has a love for engineering and is a inventor and innovator, from an early age he has been actively learning and researching on ‘Juggad’ thinking which focuses on modifying and redesigning farm implements to create simple tools that increase production on farms in the rural sector, he then started modifying engines and construction equipment which started his journey as a entrepreneur, establishing one quarry and the first business grew it into multiple businesses, this was the beginning of his journey as a serial entrepreneur and social innovator.

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